Preneed Planning Information

Why and How to Arrange a Funeral in Advance

A death occurs. and without warning, a family member or friend is left to make all the difficult decisions of arranging a funeral. Most have little idea of what is involved, what the costs are, and, most importantly, what final arrangements the deceased would have wanted.

When a loved one dies, the anxieties and stress of making funeral plans can be an overwhelming emotional responsibility. In addition, the costs involved can leave a real financial burden on your surviving family members, especially when they are least prepared to deal with additional worries about money. That's why more and more people are thoughtfully planning funeral arrangements in advance.

Preplanning allows you to protect your family members or friends from the stress of difficult funeral decisions at a time of emotional upheaval. It also eliminates any guesswork about what kind of choices you might have preferred.

Advance funeral planning is a decision only you can make. Our prearranged funeral program allows you to plan ahead by making wise personal choices, in writing, knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

Affordable Prearrangements
We will work with you to arrange the best possible services and guarantees at today's prices

Inflation protection
By purchasing your funeral in advance, you can lock in the cost of your funeral based on today's prices. With funeral costs rising an average 5% per year, it's a real benefit for your loved ones as well as sound financial planning.

Whether you decide to move out of town or across the country, your pre arrangements are transferable to any funeral home of your choice.

Peace of mind
You'll be secure in knowing that you have spared your loved ones added stress, worry, anxiety and expense by prearranging your funeral.
Like a living will, your prearranged funeral specifies your wishes in advance. Once you've decided, your loved ones will have a permanent record of your preferences for tomorrow.

Please feel free to call for an appointment if you would like to discuss prearrangements in depth.